What is WhatsApp

Whatsapp, a service by the very own Facebook group, is the rapidly growing communication application, which has around 700+ million users per month. That means definitely a wide part of the humans is in it that can be a potential buyer, service user, etc. Therefore, if a business takes this platform for easy communication, send message WhatsApp, and promotion then the daunting task will be achieved easily with less than zero investment.

How do you and why do you use WhatsApp?

The two questions with two long tail answers, but let us start with the first one that how do you use WhatsApp? Well, as a communication application, Wassap is above all. You can use to:

  • Promote your business
  • Promote your services
  • Do B2C communication
  • Solve grievances
  • Handle query related all your products and services
  • Release services and target clients
  • Keep in contact with all your potential buyer
  • 24/7/365 days availability of chat, share, and send
  • Very handy and requires just to download an application
  • Carries all your leads and sales just in a metal box, smartphone
  • And blah!blah!blah!….mind it, even you can count on it.